All products are checked before delivery to ensure there are not any damages on their packaging and we make sure products are packaged and given to the delivery company without any visible damage. In rare occasions, however, products can be damaged during shipping. Customers should check all products and spot any significant damage on their packaging before opening and using them.

In case you spot any damages on your packages or your products or in case you spot any defects on your products, please inform us by phone or by sending us an e-mail message. You can opt for a product replacement or refund.

In rare occasions products may have factory defects that cannot be checked by our staff since opening them before shipping them to the end user voids their warranty. In this case you can have the defective product replaced by a new one without any extra shipping charges or a refund in case the product is not available in our stock anymore. Customers should notify our business within 5 days after receiving their package.